Monday, June 18, 2007

happy hour--

-this food is usually greasy gross & offered at a is the healthy vegan version of the typical slop
onion rings--breaded and baked..but soo good
onion rings

stuffed shrooms with a spicy TVP mixture

the same mixture stuffed into mini breaded peppers

memorial day

here is the memorial day spread which proves how behind I am

tofu fries
tofu fries

spinach, artichoke & sun dried tomato dip
spinach n artichoke dip

veggie tray, dip and crackers
dip n veggies

vegan pigs in a blanket
gballz pig love in a blanket of veganess


my secret homemade bbq sauce
bbq sauce

off the grill
after the grill

breaded eggplant
cheesy potato bake..white trash vegan G-Ballz--thanks!
cheesy potatoes raspberry banana cheescake..thanks Marge
mini cheesecake

the grumpy chef I'm actually not mad and not sure why I look so pissed
happy chef