Thursday, October 28, 2010

A lot has happened since my last post

My last post to this blog was January 2008. I was in such a different place then and so much has changed. Two months after that I met my now husband and on September 12 2009 we got married.
The ceremony was amazing including 2 punk bands plus his band playing and a night full of great friends, great music, vegan food, and the prettiest flower girl I have ever seen.

I worked at a dog daycare/ rescue for 2 years which I loved.
I still work withPuppy Love/Love Cats I'm her facebook admin and try to support Linda and her amazing rescue when ever time allows. Me and two friends held a fundraiser for the dog rescue in April and now hope to make it a annual event.

I got a job back in a kitchen again and although its not my ultimate dream job I have learned a lot and made a couple great friends along the way.
The reason for doing this blog again is because I feel that I finally have the time to do it and a man to back me and motivate me in this process. I have had a rough time in Chicago and after meeting my husband I now feel like I can finally relax. He has taken me to more places than I ever thought I would visit, motivated me more than anyone ever has, and made me believe that this is the first step I need to take if I want to get to where I want to go.
So I start vegan Mofo