Friday, December 17, 2010

This blog is just an excuse for me to get back into blogging and show off a few of the many things I have made and with laziness not blogged in Decenber. My excuse should be be shopping in lines full of soccer moms, wrapping gifts and baking holiday goodies,and while part of that is true...I have no excuse for being away this long.

I have been really into quinoa lately and turning it into things most people wouldn't think of. This is my version of quinoa spanish rice.. It turned out great and tasted better the second day after it sat in the fridge.

I finally got around to using the crock pot and made a leftover thanksgiving stew with seitan, potatoes, mushroom gravy, carrots, potatoes & kale that slow cooked for 6 hours and made three days worth of food. It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around a crock pot whenm I like the cooking part...but it did make a delicious stew.

Matt requested biscuits and gravy for our day off, that I made with uptons seitan.


The finished breakfast.
More to come I promise.....