Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegan MoFo # 10 Teriaki Seitan Kabobs

My Parents got Matt a really nice grill for his 30th birthday. We started getting really into grilling last summer when we used to grill on our fire escape on the third floor of the old building we lived in. We did some pretty amazing stuff but it's time consuming and uncomfortable to try to make a great meal using a grill like this. It's just so small that it's hard to grill a decent amount of food and Matt was constantly crouching down and it felt uncomfortable.

So when my Dad showed up one Saturday and went into our back yard and surprised Matt by setting up his birthday present, we were pretty excited. The idea of being able to grill in an upright position and not having to balance plates on fire exit stairs was a foreign concept. We both freaked when we saw this and vowed to grill unless the weather was awful.

I'm not going to pretend that we fought through terrible November Chicago weather while making dinner, seeing as the high was 60 today. We did, however, make a delicious meal from the seitan I made yesterday. Dinner tonight was teriyaki seitan skewers with pineapple & peppers & ginger garlic grilled green beans.

skewers ready for the grill

all set up for basting

beans in grill skillet

greens & kabobs on one grill at the same time...high class

almost done

Finished product...the char on the pineapple is so good. Taking an equal bite of the seitan, peppers, & pineapple all at once was perfect!

Grilled ginger garlic green beans, with grill marks but still a crunch.

The part of grilling that I love the most is that we get to cook dinner together. I may do all the prep but Matt gets to execute everything. The hanging out in the back yard with Matt & Riot means more to me than the food. Matt and I talk, I flip through books/magazines, Riot smells everything and chases the occasional backyard rat. It's the idea that dinner becomes a little adventure for us, and at the end, we get to eat.
So you may not find me standing next to that grill when there are snowflakes falling and my toes are freezing, but until that happens, we will use it as much as we can.

That's it for the week. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you Monday!

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Gabriel said...

I have nothing else to say (well, except that the food looks good). So, i'll go ahead and say that vegans suck and they're all militant and shit.