Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vegan MoFo #16 thanksgiving...well said

Thanksgiving dinner. It always consists of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and either ham or turkey, right? No. Not always. This is Matt speaking/typing and this is my third vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

I won't lie, I have fond memories of past years Thanksgiving dinners. The turkey, which was the constant staple of the meal was always good. Albeit sometimes dry, but always seasoned well, with the flavor being just there. My mother knows her way around the kitchen, and all of her sides were often excellent as well.

With that being said, do I miss eating turkey or ham for Thanksgiving dinner? No. Below will be posts of what Ranise has made for dinner the past three years I've shared in the festivities with her, with certain modifications, as she is a woman who is constantly searching for ways to evolve in the kitchen, and no matter how fondly I look back at my mother's meal that she prepared for us all, its flavor pales in comparison to the feast Ranise has prepared for she and I, and no offense mom, but no fucking bird had to give its life so us humans could enjoy a good dinner and for that I am thankful...

Above is our Thanksgiving dinner spread. Like Matt said, I have made the same thing every year but this year besides just cooking, I forced myself to write down every recipe. For the next few days I will be blogging each recipe, and showing some creative ways to use up leftovers, instead of just eating the same thing for dinner 4 days in a row.

I made a traditional stuffing with mushrooms and fresh herbs.

These are my somewhat famous cauliflower mashers. I used roasted garlic and fresh chives. I have been promising to write this recipe down forever so now those who have eaten them, and begged me to make them can do it themselves at home.

I also made a mushroom gravy. I'm not a huge fan of cooking with roux's, so this is a healthy version of a mushroom gravy.

The main course was an herbed seitan roulade with a mushroom and kale filling. I used a ton of rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano & basil. This is probably the best roulade I have made and I'm happy that I now have the recipe to add to my book.

I mentioned above that I don't like using roux's, but one thing I haven't brought up before is my style of vegan cooking. I'm a vegan for no other reason than my love for animals. I don't do it to be thin and I think that people who choose this diet for that reason are quick to jump to the next diet, because it's not done for a reason backed by passion. That being said I have revamped a lot of recipes in the past few years and really focused on cooking with minimal fat and unnecessary calories. It's challenging but fun and I like to think that I'm giving myself and my husband the healthiest options possible.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I had a blast cooking and although writing the recipes was time consuming, I'm really happy I followed through. I also had this little monster at my feet the whole time, and although she is cute, she got in the way THE WHOLE TIME!
That is a garlic peel on her nose that she found while snooping around on the floor. It states that yes, I'm not the cleanest in the kitchen and she is a huge pig! Thanks for reading and see you tonight for recipe 1.

P.S. This blog took forever to do. Is anyone else having problems with the upload picture function on blogger???

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