Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegan MoFo # 14 My Birthday Dinner

My Birthday was Thursday, so I took a few days off from blogging. I wanted to blog now about the fun I had on Thursday. First I got this awesome tattoo from the very talented Jennifer Trok. She works at Speakeasy Custom Tattoo in Chicago, which was absolutely the most comfortable shop I have ever been to. She is a really great girl just to hang out with, so besides leaving with a new piece of art work, I got to hang out and chat with a friend for a few hours. She also uses vegan ink and is a great Mom to her dog Zero. I would suggest to anyone to go get a tattoo from her.

We then walked to to dinner, first stopping to get Riot a box of dog treats from Doggy Style. They have a lot of vegan dog treats and a homemade cookie bar. According to the kid working, the new gingerbread flavor is really good. I didn't try them, but Riot likes them.

We went to Handlebar for my birthday. We started by sharing the split pea soup. I loved it but didn't remember that I was supposed to be taking pictures until there was only a spoonful left.

Matt got the bbq seitan sandwich with a side of collard greens, which he loved.

We shared a side of seitan sausage. Handlebar uses Uptons Seitan, which you can also buy in the Midwest. They sell a few styles of seitan sausage, and have also started selling pre-made wraps and sandwiches. I have never purchased anything from them that hasn't been great and it's always nice to support a local vegan business.

I got (surprise, surprise) the side salad with vegan ranch dressing. I'm not sure what they put in their ranch, but it's the best I have ever had.

I then had it topped with baked tofu (surprise, surprise).

That's it for now. I did take a few days off, but I promise I'll be back with more tomorrow. Good night now.

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