Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegan MoFo # 12 Breaded Seitan Parmesan & Seitan Meatballs

My husband doesn't cook at all. He loves food movies, cooking shows, & will even flip through my cooking magazines. Besides the occasional grilling, he doesn't and has stated he has no desire to cook. That's completely ok with me since I love to cook and would maybe even get a little pissed if he figured out how to make something better than me. It also means I don't ever have to wash dishes, which is our deal: I cook, he does the dishes and seeing as I hate doing the dishes I feel like I won there anyway.
That being said Matt is awesome in one category of cooking, and that is meal planning. I will sometimes call him with absolutely no idea what to make and he will spew off a few ingredients or ideas for things that sound ok to him. Always asking me if I think that would be good or if it would work. I can't think of a time he has been wrong, and it's actually very exciting to have someone come up with stuff I wouldn't think of. This meal was entirely his idea. It's a take on one of his old favorites, chicken parmesan. He wanted me to try to make it with seitan instead of a chicken substitute.It's served exactly how he used to get it when he ordered it in a restaurant when he was a kid. The only difference is that he wanted spaghetti and seitan meatballs to accompany his parm instead of just spaghetti. So here is my cooking experiment for the night:

I used my usual method for cooking seitan (posted in a previous blog) but rolled the pieces of seitan into balls and wrapped them individually in foil. I added fresh basil & rosemary & some dried oregano & fennel to the dry mix.

This is the first ball, out of the oven & cut open


I breaded the seitan with homemade breading that I had in the cupboard, added fresh herbs to the mix and baked at 350 for about 30 minutes flipping halfway through

After it came out of the oven I topped it with sauce & Daiya cheese and let it melt in the broiler

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Everything plated and ready for dinner

Now I know I have mentioned that my dog's nicknamed Noodles. I call her noodles so often she responds to it. She seriously wont leave the kitchen when any kind of pasta is being made. Vegan & italian, just like her mom. So I couldn't post this blog without these two pictures.

Thanks Mom!
That's it for now. I have a movie to go watch with Mr. meal planner and Mrs. noodles.


Rose said...

The seitan balls look perfect! I love the shot of your dog friend eating spaghetti!

Kimberly said...

That is one serious dinner. It looks amazing! And I love the "noodle" shots!

tinermarie.d said...

Did you cook the seitan balls for the same amount of time as you normally cook your seitan loaf?

If not, how could you tell they were done? I've never made seitan before but would love to try this recipe.