Thursday, November 04, 2010

Vegan Mofo #4 Our Halloween Night

So obviously Halloween wasn't tonight but I did take a bunch of pictures knowing I would eventually blog about it. Matt and I are definitely not huge Halloween people. Neither one of us likes to dress up and we didn't really want to go to any parties or any bars. Instead, we decided to rent a few scary movies and carve pumpkins.

Riot is confused as to what the hell we are doing.

I used a huge serated knife which probably wasn't the best idea considering how many times I almost cut my fingers off.

Matt was already done with his pumpkin when I wasn't even half way done with mine.

Show off

As you can see neither of us have much artistic ability, but we had a lot of fun, which is the entire point, right? Right. I thought mine was going to look a lot cooler than it turned out.

Matt had mentioned to me that he loved roasting pumpkin seeds when he was a kid. His mom apparently used to roast them for him and his dad and it had been probably 20 years since he'd had them last. I had never done them before, but a quick google search told me to rinse the seeds, then throw them in a pot of boiling water.

Rinsed and ready for water

I wasn't entirely sure what to put on them so I just did sea salt, pepper, garlic, & soy sauce. They turned out to be so good and so addictive we finished them off in just a couple days and we munched on them during our scary movies that night instead of popcorn. I actually wish Riot would have carved a pumpkin with us so we could have eaten her seeds too as she did try eating up all of ours a number of times.

That's that. I know it's not much, but it was so much fun and even though so simple the seeds were great. That's it for now. See you tomorrow with an actual recipe, MoFo's.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Roasting pumpkin seeds is definitely the best bit about Halloween. Cool carving skillz by the way - hope you had a spooookay night.

Gabriel said...

For some reason I think the first picture is really funny. I don't quite know why...probably due to Riot more than anything.

anita riot said...

Every picture of Riot is somewhat funny I think